Guiding Principles

Spokesman Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (SCPL) as a brand consultant will treat all clients equally in terms of strategic inputs, attention, accountability and overall quality service and will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of magnitude of business.

Being a strong believer of equality in work place, SCPL will treat its human resources as Growth Partners and not just employees and differences on the basis of gender, religion, cast, colour and physical disability will not at all be tolerated in the work place.

Everyone at SCPL will get equal chance and encouragement to grow onto his/her highest potential. Although SCPL will adhere to a hierarchy system of management but no hierarchy will be permanent, rather it will be repeatedly reviewed and revised on the basis of merits of its growth partners.

In a declared hierarchy, everyone will be abide by the instructions of the superior and in case of disobediences, the management will be duty-bound to take strong steps like dismissal and financial penalty on the basis of a voting where all team members are not bound to vote. In case of no favorable or unfavorable votes the case will be dismissed.

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