Nothing captures the sensitivities involved in modern media and perception management in the highly networked and globalized world than the popular adage termed as butterfly effect….

…..”A butterfly flapping its wing in the Amazon can trigger a typhoon in the Japanese coast”

Taking cue from such complexities involved in providing optimal values to our clients and make them get tangible benefits in long run we have a advisory board of credible and proven individuals who have established eminence in their diverse sectors.

Whenever we require we draw inputs and feedback from such portfolio of people depending upon the nature of our assignment. Such unique draw-down mechanism helps us to maximize our delivery effectiveness with cutting down any typical risk that can be detrimental to the long term interest of our clients.

Think Tank: We strongly believe, the edifice of modern knowledge economy is based on production and propagation of ideas that can be put into practical use.

The thought of having such a think tank stems from our core belief of being passionate about innovation and tapping young minds of the state to come up with fresh ideas that can impact society and business.

Though this entity of our organization is in infant stage, nevertheless there is unflinching commitment from our side to grow it into an independent and non partisan think tank where young people freely contribute to research about critical issues that the state and country at large face and possibly come up with ideas that can be instrumental in mitigating them.

Presently we have interns with us who are doing outstanding work in media studies.